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These kind of posts are my absolute my favorite, oh but wait! Where are my manners, HI FRIENDS! Thank you again for stopping on by, as I was saying this post that Im about to do are some of my favorites because it’s an entire day filled with activities, different locations and I share more than just the clothes I’m wearing. So the morning started off with my brother Andrew coming over. We had no plans except let’s drive to the city and see where we end up. My brother is one of my best friends so having him come out to visit to spend time together always means the world to me. We decided to go to LACMA, where we somehow sneaked in on accident because I was just looking for a bathroom, then went to the record store, had lunch, drove around, stopped by random places to take photos and laughed throughout the entire day. I can’t tell you how many times people approach me and say they envy the relationship me and my brother have. Growing up it was just the two of us and I truly thank God for placing us as siblings & best friends. He’s a killer in the fitness world and extremely inspirational for a 20 year old. I have no doubt in the world he’s going to achieve anything he wants. Check out his Instagram if you have a chance and show him some love! (linked above)

Okay, so another reason why this post is going to be one of my favorites is because I want to share with you 5 things you may not have known about me. I started thinking about it and I realized I’ve actually never done one of these before and I know I have several of you friends who have been following me for years..so here we go <3

Fun fact #1 Im going to make this my number one because Im currently listening to this type of music. I am completely in love with old school music, *currently listening to “what’ll I do” by Frank Sinatra. No matter what mood I am in for the day some Judy Garland, & Billie Holiday. Even some bluesy jazz like Willie Dixon will always be on the top of my playlists. I can’t tell you how badly I have been in search for a lounge/bar where I can go in wearing a silky dress, dance to some of these legends and sip on cocktails all night long. The day I find it you’ll be the first to know! HAHA.

#2 Okay going on with my old soul haha, I love television shows but 80% of the time when Im watching tv Im watching my favorites like I Love Lucy, Seinfeld, Roseanne, The Golden Girls or FRIENDS. The other 20% I’m watching the housewives that’s pretty much it for me hahah. Patiently waiting for a new tv show to catch my attention as well as these do. And yes I went home with this season one of Roseanne for only $7. 😉

#3 I highly dislike the heat. Im not going to use the word hate because well I live in California and Im used to it, and Ill deal with it but I can’t tell you how badly I would love to live in a place where we get all four seasons so I can truly experience a fall and winter. I feel like thats just when real fashion comes out to play am I rite?! Ugh just thinking about it Im imagining the thick scarves, the Lucious cardigans, and over the knee boots!! *heart eyes 

#4 I just want to dance! Quieremos Bailar! (For all my gals who have seen Selena)

No but seriously I am a dancing machine. Now this doesn’t mean I’m good! haha BUT if their is music it truly doesn’t matter what is playing I will dance to it. In college I used to go dancing with my friends and I got the nickname energizer bunny because they would all stop to take breaks, and grab water and Id still be there on the floor dancing away ahah! One friend challenged me to go line dancing, (I don’t care for country) but I was up for the challenge. Again, you couldn’t keep me off the floor but my goodness I have never sucked so badly! There were a bunch of pros out there and here I was trying to catch up haha. Even at home, sometimes when Im alone and Bryan is out at work or something, Ill sip on a cocktail as Im cooking, play some music and dance around the kitchen with Cookie. In my eyes, there is no better mood booster then shaking your booty for a bit. 🙂

#5 Lastly, Ill end it with this…I am a true kid at heart. Many of you know my obsession with Disney. I say obsession because I slightly am (as I sip my coffee from my Daisy mug haha) but what you may not know is that I am a huge gamer and lucky for me so is my boyfriend. See, God knew what he was doing when he paired us up. 🙂 One of the first investments Bry and I made when moving in was in a Wii and 2 Mario games. I have the cutest photo of him sitting in our living room floor installing it for us, we didn’t even have couches at that time. All we had was a t.v, some pillows we used to sit on and each other. It actually turned out to be one of the greatest things we have ever bought, because now that our place is finally coming together, I look back and think how some of my most favorite moments have been when he and I would come home from work, make ourselves a dinner and play video games together. Even now, our schedules are starting to pick up and we both have a lot going on, but on a weekend day where were off together and we don’t feel like going out and spending money you already know where to find us. At home with Cookie, and two controls yelling at the tv and acting like two little kids.


Well there it was my first 5 things about me post! I really hope you liked todays post! Feel free to leave me some of your favorites as well!


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