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Lets be honest, living in California it is summer 80% of the year. The rest of the year its 60 degree weather, which to us it’s Winter. Somewhere in between though I squeeze in Fall and Spring so that my closet can rotate through all 4 seasons. Today is the day I say bye to summer. It really was one of the most successful summers I have had. This was the first summer in years that I decided to take off away from classes and give my attention more to my future, blog and possible youtube channel. I took 3 great vacations, had countless of day trips, and grew as an individual. Not to sound cheesy but this summer really was a growth spurt for me. I met new people, I had people walk out of my life and the realization that all those who want to be a part of my life, will be, was one of the greatest lessons of all. It’s really exciting because that whole picture of who I want to be, where I want to go in life, and who I want to share life long memories with is becoming very clear. I am in a positive point in my life where there is only going up from here. This day was like any other day for Weston and I, we both had work this afternoon but we knew we wanted to spend our morning out soaking in the sunshine. Balboa Island was our destination, enjoying the small island, doing some shopping for myself and some shooting for him. I wore this white off shoulder dress, which I picked up at a boutique. (A no name item) And the hat was purchased off of Poshmark. However do not worry I found the exact same dress and a very similar hat for you available still online. The sandals are from aldo and as always delicate gold jewelry to wrap up my outfit.

Thank again for stopping by and get ready for some fall posts, with fall fashion coming your way!

xox, Alexis Alcala Signature


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