San Diego Adventure

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Alexis Alcala Posing for a Full-Body Photograph in the Middle of a South Coast Plaza, California

Hello, hello! Happy Martes! Hope your weekend was fantastic, and that you are all re-pumped for yet another fun filled week! So, I can’t wait to share about todays post with you! So many exclamation points, but thats just how excited I am!!! LOL! So you know….

Chasing the Snow

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Alexis Alcala in big bear

So this post is a little bit different than my usual ones. This post is to tell you that….I SAW SNOW!! In my 22 years of living I don’t remember ever seeing any snow other than in movies. I’ve always dreamed about seeing it, but never had the chance too. Finally yesterday, my friend told me we were going to the mountains. Technically we live about an hour away from the San Bernardino mountains where we can usually find a bit of snow, however on this day we…


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Alexis Alcala golden hour shoot

Living about an hour away from LA, there’s nothing I love more than going out there with no exact destination, and just see where I end up. That is exactly what i did. My friend and I left at around noonish and adventured around for about 10 hours, yup you read correctly 10 hours. One spot that really caught my attention was the Art District. With it’s distinct color spills on every wall you found, trendy coffee shops & bars, and music playing in every…..

Pop of Orange

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Alexis Alcala walking through Venice Beach

So about two months ago when i first started my blog, i dedicated a post to Disneyland because it truly is and has been a big part of my life since i was a little girl. I mentioned and described what i wear during the summer, well now that the weather is changing, i figured i should do an updated post about what you’ll find me wandering around the park in now that it’s fall. When i go to the park i like to keep it comfortable. As i’m slowly transitioning into my fall wardrobe, I went with a basic tee, jeans, combat boots, a hat and a cardigan in hand for when i go watch World of Color late at night. ( You’ve all seen that show right? ) .


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My Mini Vacation

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Alexis Alcala walking through Venice Beach

We are all guilty of getting comfortable in our daily routine and before we know it we are doing the same thing everyday for a few weeks, maybe a few months straight. I know, I tend to do that at times. My routine is being a full time college student, full time worker, and now a full time blogger. Those are my three priorities at the moment, and although it is a great thing to have your life prioritized, i feel that it’s extremely important and a must, to take at least 2 days out of the month to do absolutely none of your daily rituals and go out and enjoy life. Honestly, that is something that i need in order to keep sane. This weekend, that is exactly what i did. My cousin from out of town told me she was coming to California to visit me, and i found it a good time to tell my busy life to pause for just three days and away her and i went, to embark on our mini getaway. Our first stop was San Diego, SD is about an hour and half away from me yet when I’m out there i feel like I’m truly in paradise. Bright and early, we hit the adorable Old Town, San Diego. If you haven’t yet been there, and you’re a fan of history, live music and vintage shopping then this town is a must stop for you! After drinking a jug of margarita and sharing probably the most delicious chicken nachos, we hit the beach for some napping, tanning, and swimming. What more can i possibly ask for?


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Fringe at the Happiest Place on Earth

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Alexis Alcala Smiling in Front of the Disneyland Castle

Fun fact – I’m in love with Disney, and I’m not one bit embarrassed about it. Just a few months ago a friend of mine convinced me to get my pass after not going to the park for 6 months, and I’m so glad I did. It reminded me of the feeling I get walking into a bubble of happiness. It’s where the chipper, happy little girl in me comes out. Where I run after the characters, eat way too many sweets, spin way too fast on the tea cups, tell everyone around me fun facts about Disneyland, and drink way too much Starbucks. Another love of mine recently, fringe! Gah! It’s so much fun! So I paired this fabulous fringe crop top with some bright red shorts, some red lipstick, classic Minnie ears, a pop of gold, and my signature white Chucks that you’ll always catch me wearing to the park. Believe it or not, I could have hung out all day in this outfit. It’s so comfy yet fun and chic! Fun tip – we go really early in the morning, get our happy high for the day, then leave right as the crowds are coming in. Hehee. This day we spent most of the morning admiring Toontown. There are so many bright colors and it’s where my favorite, Goofy lives! In my opinion, a perfect morning! Who’s your favorite of the Fab Five?


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