Chasing Twilight

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A few stories back, I told you about how I spent an entire afternoon chasing the sunset. I reminisced on what a joyful experience it was. That day I was chasing the happiness I was feeling within, just as much as I was the sunset. Well on this afternoon, I was chasing a different feeling. I wanted to portray and dig deep into bringing out another side of me. I wanted to tell a story about a young woman. A heartbroken, lonely woman, who is on the verge of giving up on civilization, or letting others close, she’s over it. She’s tired of crying, she’s tired of being let down. So she runs, she runs deep into nature. Mother Nature welcomes her with open arms and here this young woman feels content. It’s peaceful, it’s quiet, the sound of water running through the creeks, the birds chirping, it all whispers to her that it’s going to be okay. And here, deep in the forest is where she realizes that she is enough. Why was she stressing over things that are out of her control? Here she doesn’t overthink life, here she doesn’t worry, here….she just is. Here, she finds a part of herself.

I’m sure my hair gives it away, but this photoshoot was done a few months ago, I had the pictures saved only because I wasn’t sure on the story I wanted to write for them. Amazingly today, I sat in front of my laptop and these pictures came to my mind, and I just wrote the paragraph above. Timing is so mysterious, do you ever notice that? Timing has been a key factor in my life lately, but i’ll save that for the next post, don’t want to make these too long and annoy you. hehee. Hope you enjoyed this collaborative set i did with JFairbanksPhotography. Until next time, my friends.


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