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Over the summer I had worn this romper a few times, I even did a blog post about it. I loved how soft the material was and how sexy the cutouts made me feel. I saw it hanging in my closet yesterday morning and I thought, what if I wore my high waisted jeans with it?  Would it look funky? I tried it on and I loved it all over again, threw on my heels, my leather jacket and I felt like such a bada$$. (I mean that in a humble way btw.) I think its great when women can feel good about themselves. Lets be honest, 90% of the time we are criticizing ourselves and picking out every flaw we have, however when we have days where we feel happy and confident, I saw cheers to you baby girl! We deserve to feel our best each and every day! So on those rare confident days, embrace it and enjoy it.

Now, Im wondering what other summer pieces I can incorporate into my fall/winter wardrobe. Hmm…this is gonna be fun 😉

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