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Okay, so i know i said i was only going to post once a week, but i just couldn’t help myself! Have you ever had such great news you couldn’t wait to tell somebody? Well that’s exactly how I’m feeling right now! Eshakti is the name! You know when you’re out at the mall shopping, and you find an item that you would buy IF it was a longer length, or IF the top of this blouse was v-neck instead of crew neck? Well that’s what makes Eshakti different, and oh so wonderful. They offer designs of dresses, skirts, jackets and other clothing items, then here comes the fun part, you customize the item of your choice to fit your liking. For example, when i saw the print of this skirt i was in love! I then had the choice to choose the length, did i want this to be a mini skirt? A below the knee length skirt? No, i wanted right at knee length. Next, where did i want it to fit? I want it to be high waisted. Now lastly, would i like to add pockets? Oh Em Gee, YES PLEASE!!! Voila! All done, just like that i had customized my very own skirt, to my liking! But wait, it gets even better. After i submitted my order i received the email notifying me that i shall receive my package in about two weeks. However, i received it just a few days later! As soon as i saw my package at my door step i tore that box right up and there it was. Gee, i must admit i put it on right away and started twirling around in my room like a little girl. Now this is love. Believe me ladies, you want to give this a try. This is as they say, “The future of fashion”! I’ll make sure to link their website below so that you too, can experience this and don’t forget that you can follow them on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook! If you do decide to customize something, make sure to let me know how your experience went. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

XOXO, Alexis Alcala Signature



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