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Good Day Mates!

How y’all doing? As always I hope to hear the response to be fantastic! I wanted to share this dress with you because I always get asked when Im wearing it, where it from and compliments start rolling in. Well, I got this dress at Forever21, Ive been low key obsessed with suede material lately as well as this camel color. Then again who wouldn’t be?!FestivalDress1 FestivalDress2

It has pockets!! You know me, I always fidget, or need to do something with my hands, so when I find a dress with pockets, theres a 90% chance it’s coming home with me haha!FestivalDress3

I paired it with these tan heels I found in my closet. I tots forgot I had them! You can also part this dress with some gladiator sandals, or any simple brown tone shoe. FestivalDress4 FestivalDress5 FestivalDress6 FestivalDress7

Whether you’re going to Coachella or not, this dress is perfect for many occasions. I loved that you can dress it up like I did above, but at the same time you can easily dress it down for a day where you’ll be on your feet all day.

On another note I wanted to share something with you. I found this quote the other day and it really got me thinking…it goes something like this;

“In a society that profits from self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.”

Be rebellious friends. Not only like yourself, but learn to love yourself. It’s always been a constant problem with me personally, but I never get tired of reminding myself that I am perfect just the way I am. No matter what were wearing, make up or bare face, curvy body or a size 2, you should be perfection in your eyes.

With that I leave you, have an awesome day!


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Dress | Shoe Option 1 | Shoe Option 2

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