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It’s a new year. Now what? How will this year be different from all the rest? I don’t want this to be another cliche, “new year, new me” BS kind of post. Truth is i don’t want to be a new me. I’ve worked hard to be where i’m at right now, why would i want to start all over? I don’t think i’ve had a year as monumental as 2014. So much happened, that i truly was scared bringing in 2015. Part of me felt fear approach me, i felt as if i barely got through 2014, could i handle more? Last year i came upon a realization, the family that i grew up having, was split right down the middle. And, as much as i would pray to something up above, there was nothing i could do to mold us back together. It’s okay, brush it off Lex, this happens in our society more than anyone would like to admit. Then, during the summer i was craving change, so, i went blonde! There’s something that i NEVER saw myself doing, but i figured, why not? (However, No more playing with my hair, back to dark hair and ill be staying this way for a good while.) Also, i gained the courage to follow my dream of writing and passion for fashion whole heartedly. The milestones continue throughout the year. So do you see what i was talking about being scared bringing in 2015? However, i’m a determined woman, and here publicly i shall announce some of my vows to 2015. I Alexis Alcala, will post on my blog once a week, and continue to find interesting places to recommend to you all. I want to make my supporters proud. I will backpack through Ireland. I will attend a fashion week, more than likely LA’s. I will visit my best friend in Alabama for her wedding. I will indulge my mind with more books. I will try to be a better friend, a better sister, and a better daughter. Lastly, i will realize that i am enough. It’s okay to realize that you’ve come a long way and be proud of yourself. Are you proud of yourself? Yea? Well go ahead, pat yourself on the back, go ahead. We did good, now lets kick 2015 into shape.

Another first, was wearing something fluffy and furry. But when i saw this vest at H&M i had to have it! And styled it with these fabulous booties i found! They are exactly what i have been looking for these past few months! I found them both on the same day so you can imagine just how ecstatic i was!

XOX, Alexis Alcala Signature

Photos taken by: Irving Barajas


What Im Wearing [button text=”Booties” link=”http://www.cathyjeanshoes.com/new-arrivals/lace-up-lug-sole-bootie.html” style=”primary” size=”small” target=”_blank” display=”inline” class=”” icon=”icon-cart”][button text=”Furry Vest” link=”http://www.hm.com/us/product/36268?article=36268-C&fromSearch=vest&cm_vc=SEARCH” style=”primary” size=”small” target=”_blank” display=”inline” class=”” icon=”icon-cart”][button text=”Similar Top” link=”http://www.hm.com/us/product/56033?article=56033-B” style=”primary” size=”small” target=”_blank” display=”inline” class=”” icon=”icon-cart”]

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