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Happy Monday my friends! So I ended up posting a photo of this outfit on Instagram and I got so many DMS from you ladies asking where it was from and pretty much just loving it!! Not gonna lie, when I get feedback like that it really really motivates me! So thank you gals! <3

 I was out in Calabasas the other day, but that morning I had to get up at 6am and I didn’t go to bed the night before till about 2am. So I was pooped but I had planned to meet up with a gal pal in order to shoot some looks. I woke up frazzled that morning and I remember staring into my closet and thinking “what the heck am I gonna even shoot!!” haha. Luckily I remembered that I wanted to shoot this still. I had been waiting on it because I loved it so much that I wanted the outfit to be perfect (of course I choose it on a last minute thing.) I quickly grabbed the top a pair of black shorts, a black tank top, my black boots and started running out the door without trying it on, in another outfit just thinking to myself “this better look as good on me as it does in my head”. 

Lucky for me, it did look pretty cute on and it was perfect since it was one of the hottest mornings in Calabasas. so now to sum up my outfit. I scored this exact top at Zara during their most recent sales, so unfortunately its long gone, these shorts are probably 5 years old from Urban Outfitters, my tank top I can’t even tell you where its from because Ive had it for so long. Oops. You’re probably thinking, what the heck then?! Now, now don’t be getting all feisty on me because I have surfed the web and found you similiar items but even better because I always try to help you score the greatest pieces for the lowest price! Do you forgive me now?! I hope so!

My sunnies and my booties however are fairly new and still available in store. They’re both really great classic items to have in your closet. Lord knows I wear them almost everyday and my booties make any one of my outfits POP! I really hope you love the items I have linked for you and if you do end up buying any of them tag me in how you styled them, I always love getting inspiration from my fellow girls! <3



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  1. Teri B.
    August 15, 2017 / 6:45 AM

    Gorgeous as always! Wish I could fit in those clothes! 😊

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