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Its Thursday! Its Thursday! Hope your day and week have been filled with joy and lots of happiness! My week has been a little busy for sure. I am starting classes at a new location, called FIDM. Have you heard of it? It’s been a very stressful process to finally get to this place in my life, but the important part is that I’m here, I’m about to start in October and from what I’ve been told by fellow students is that it’s extremely fast paced and before you know it it will be over. That is what I am most excited about, however I want to make sure to absorb everything in and make the most of this experience. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, but I’m also walking into this with support and that means the world to me. After all, coming from someone who is as independent as I am, I always had the mentality “I don’t need anyone, I can do this on my own.” Sometimes though, when I’m feeling confused or need advise it feels amazing to know that I can turn around and there behind me is a small group of people who I love and cherish and who have been giving me nothing but love and motivation to keep doing whatever it is that I want to do. This next part that I want to share, I had to really think if I wanted to share it, but I always want to be honest in every aspect of myself with this website, so here it goes. A few months back I wrote a post about gaining confidence, about being confident as the woman that you are, in the body that you have been given. ( it is here if you’d like to read it ) This post had been written because the dating scene has never been an easy one for me. After each relationship would go sour, Id blame myself. Id tell myself that it was my fault, Id cry, Id get mad and I would convince myself that somehow this ending was my doing. The result would be my self confidence going to rock bottom, and having doubts about the person I am. This wasn’t the problem though, the great torture from my teen years up until recently was trying to get attention from guys who were not interested in me, at all. I knew that I never wanted to get to that place again. I then went into a stage of attempting to love myself, and although I still have a few insecurities, I have jumped leaps and bounds. When we have the confidence within ourselves, we will meet someone. The reason I brought this up again, is that, I met someone. It happened in a way I was never prepared for, it happened with someone I would have never imagined, at a time I was not expecting, but it happened. Are things perfect? No, nothing ever is, but this is magic.


Onto the outfit this day, I am wearing this gorgeous off shoulder top from ZARA, it so lightweight, such delicate little buttons all along the front and the color is to die for. I must admit, I am crushing so hard on off shoulders right now!! I think in the past two weeks I’ve bought like 4! This one, I paired with my skinny jeans also form ZARA, both purchased from their huge half year sale. I must admit both were at such great prices, it was almost a steal! These wonderful booties that always get so many compliments when worn, from Steve Madden. I was about to run out the door when I saw my hat hanging by my door so I grabbed it and out I flew. It was the perfect outfit for a girls day spent with one of my best friends. We grabbed coffee, chit chatted about our future plans and life and enjoyed the day together.

Thank you so much for stopping bye, talk to you next week!



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