Monday stroll through Venice Beach

It been a minute since Ive done an adventure post, and by golly does it feel good to be excited to talk to you about some new places that haven’t been seen on the blog. It started of an ordinary Monday, as you know it my ONE day off the entire week. I started off with some errands, and it went from craving a cobb salad to sitting in one of the cutest spots I’ve ever come across, not only devouring that chicken cobb, but sipping on some refreshing moscow mules. It truly doesn’t get any better right? Well it did, but let’s talk about this spot first… 😉Alexis Alcala in Venice Beach

Alexis Alcala in Venice Beach

I mean look at this decor. I first walked into this place because I really needed to pee. (true story) then I looked up at the menu they had and it looked way too delicious not to sit down and enjoy a yummy lunch. They had a sweet set up inside, but my eyes were being drawn to the outside patio and can you blame me? It was very quiet, one of the reasons I love having my Mondays off 🙂

Alexis Alcala in Venice Beach

It was almost too pretty to eat. Hence the word….”almost” because as I said it was quickly demolished after the photo. haha. This adorable little place is called Greenleaf Venice. Alexis Alcala in Venice Beach

After lunch we went ahead and explored Abbot Kinney, did a little shopping and picture taking.
Alexis Alcala in Venice BeachAlexis Alcala in Venice Beach

After bar hopping a little, I mean we kept catching happy hour everywhere we entered so can you blame me?! 😉 hehe

As I was saying afterwards we went to check out the Venice canals. It was my first time and I fell in love.

Alexis Alcala in Venice Beach

Alexis Alcala in Venice Beach

Alexis Alcala in Venice Beach Alexis Alcala in Venice Beach

IMG_2218 IMG_2199Alexis Alcala in Venice Beach

I mean don’t take my word for it, by all means go out and see it for yourself but walking down along the canals, with the sun setting, and breeze flowing through your dress, you really feel like maybe for a split second you’re somewhere far from home.

Overall it was a splendid Monday, just like I like it.

For exploring around, I went with an all black outfit with a brown belt and tan lace up booties.

Then for exploring the canals I changed into a white shirt dress, one of my all time favorites, tied it up with a thin brown belt and topped it off with a flat brim straw hat.

Linked below are all the items, or similar ones for you.

Thank you for stopping by to take a read. Until next time!


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white button dress | belt | hat

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