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Hi friends!

Welcome back, it’s good to see you! So as I said on my Instagram post today was a really good day. I mean such a good day that I couldn’t wait to race home and tell you all about it. Ya’ll remember my friend Michelle don’t you? She’s my pal from school that is always down to go adventure in new cities and take 500 photos of me just so I could choose 7 to share with you hahah. (The struggle is real)

Well she was so sweet that she wanted to take me out to lunch for my birthday and I had heard that Pedalers Fork was a must stop in Calabasas so that’s where we went. The food was beyond amazing, and my company was even better. We caught up and talked for hours on life, relationships, and our future goals.

We finished up our amazing lunch and decided to walk up the street where we walked by boutiques, cute nail salons and they all had that old town feel that I completely love!

Today I realized just how therapeutic a long chat with your girlfriend can be. That’s something I want to get better at, meeting up with my girls more often. I feel like we need it from time to time truly! Theres just certain things and conversations that only they understand. Ya’ll know what I mean?


We finished up our afternoon by going across the street to a small little farm, unfortunately it had just closed but the setting was perfect for a small shoot.

I found this top at the zara sale and I fell in love with the print. Im not someone who goes for crop tops so I got it in a large so that it could fit a little more oversized. The fit was a lot more comfortable for me to wear all day. I paired it with a lace brallete underneath and these new levis shorts that I am obsessed with.

Now for tennis shoes, Ive always been a chucks girl myself but Ive never actually owned high tops. But I recently bought these and missed how comfortable and cute they are! And there you go friends, if you’re ever in Calabasas make sure to stop by Old town. You definitely won’t regret it!

Ill have all the items linked below, or if I don’t have the exact one Ill post similar ones for you! Like the zara one for example, it’s all sold out online and in store but i linked one that I’m hoping you’ll all like. Let me know what you think!



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