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As many of you may have guessed from previous posts, i am a huge fan of sunglasses. I am guilty of at times choosing my outfit around some killer shades. Now, when you combine that with a company who puts fashion for a good cause, then you can count me in! Today’s feature is Proof Eye Wear, all their products are eco-friendly! I was introduced to them by my friend Francisco! (BTW he is a killer photographer who you should check out.) The two gentleman on my last picture are Jorge and Josh, both also on the pursuit of passion. One of my favorite things in this world is meeting other adults who as myself are chasing dreams. No matter what that dream may be, we give it our all and don’t stop until we accomplish it. Thats what these 3 are after. I went ahead and linked their instagram’s, don’t take my word for it, go check them out for yourself. As for my outfit, i went with this comfy chick grey dress, tied a red flannel around my waist to match the red shades, and of course my leather jacket. (Is it possible to wear your favorite leather jacket on too much?) If so sorry, not sorry! Have a beautiful week friends!


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