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Its that time of the year! The color orange is almost everywhere you look, the empty field by my house is filled with hay,pumpkins, jumpers, carnival games, and some gentle farm animals. I saw it going up a few days ago and finally I saw it was open! Yee!! I ran home, grabbed my knit sweater and headed off. I arrived right as they opened, walked around and just absorbed everything around me, I could hear the children laughing, families bonding and I felt this happiness come over me. It’s official, the holidays are here, and I plan on taking advantage of every moment I can. No matter whether you’re single, you’re in a relationship or you’re lucky enough to have your own family already, this time of the year is just a time to let us know “you made it, you’re almost at the end of yet another year.” So friends, enjoy it.

Ps Have you all fed a goat or sheep before? It is the strangest, cutest, weirdest thing ever. As you can tell by some of the pictures I was nervous haha.

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