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Alexis Alcala in madewell and Nordstrom

WHATS UPPP! HOW WE ALL DOING?! Ahh sorry Im yelling, Im just so darn excited to be back here! Last post was in July?! EW what the heck! No wonder Ive been feeling weird and not myself, I was missing THIS, I was missing YOU reading this!!! But were back and you have my word Im not going anywhere. Im here to stay, pinky promise! So much happened in the end of 2016, I signed up for my final quarter in college, graduation in March can’t come soon enough. I moved to L.A, I got a new job, went through some crazy life struggles, and pretty much had to rebuild a whole new life out here. It was the thrill of a lifetime, and at times I was like “okay life, wanna give me a break?!” but ahhh Im finally getting things settled and making our little place a home, getting into the groove of this city, and finding new places to share with you, I know I can find time to come here once a week and talk to you, so here we go. You ready? Lesssss Do This!

Alexis Alcala in madewell and Nordstrom

Mama Bear came out this past weekend to visit me, and I took her to what we call The Village, here in Woodland Hills. Im so blessed to live just 5 minutes from here, they have the cutest shops, restaurants/bars, and of course “blogger backgrounds” hehe. So I handed the camera over to mommy and let her take a wack at helping me out. She did good right? hehe. Anyways one of the things I love about this area, is because it’s past the city’s “hustle and bustle” and considered to be in the valley, so it’s a little quieter, but really is a great place to just come walk around, take some shots, grab a coffee and just sit to enjoy the atmosphere, if you’re ever in the area I highly recommend stopping by here 🙂

Alexis Alcala in madewell and Nordstrom

For our little day out I knew I wanted to wear my wide brimmed hat, and this new Madewell top I scored during the holiday season, along with some simple black pants from Nordstrom, my Nicole Lee cross body and my black booties Ive had for a while. Along with many other New Years resolutions I want to try this year to focus on buying more classic pieces that I can keep for a while and mix and match with other outfits. I mean when you’re a lady on a budget your way of thinking when shopping changes and I know for me thats the way I have been doing it lately.

As I have before, below I will link the items I’m wearing and if for some reason I can’t find the exact ones, then Ill link similar ones that I love.

Thanks again for stopping by, and following along on my journey and can’t wait to make yawl proud. TootleLoo!


Alexis Alcala Signature


Madewell Lace Top | Pants | Purse (Same brand, different style) | Hat


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