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Hello, hello! Happy Martes! Hope your weekend was fantastic, and that you are all re-pumped for yet another fun filled week! So, I can’t wait to share about todays post with you! So many exclamation points, but thats just how excited I am!!! LOL! So you know how I’m always excited to go see new places, try new food, and see beautiful views? Well that is exactly what I did yesterday! I went out to San Diego for the day. We arrived at our first destination around 2:30pm. Now usually when I go out to San Diego, I go to Old Town which was featured on my page quite a few posts back. (If you’d like, click on Old Town, after your done reading this post and it will lead you to my previous post) However, yesterday was a day to go to places I’ve never seen before. First stop was Balboa Park, okay seriously, how have I never been here?! This park is HUGE, it’s gorgeous and there is so much to see and do!! Unfortunately, most things were closed but trust me, I’ll be going back and make sure to capture some more shots for you all. So we left the park, and as we were driving we realized, we needed a caffeine rush, and we drove by a coffee shop that instantly caught our eye. It was called Better Buzz Coffee, and their motto “Life is better Buzzed”. Genius isn’t it? I had their tropical acai bowl, and hazelnut iced coffee. It was delicious! My friends, you must try it if you get the chance! Then we walked through Little Italy,¬†however we were also on a time crunch to catch the sunset, so we quickly walked through, but from what i quickly saw I loved. I’ll also have to go back and grab myself a slice of pizza and glass of wine. Finally we ended the day with some cocktail drinks, and light snack at a lounge that overlooked all of beautiful San Diego. Gosh, what a day! My adventure buddy for the day is @itisenglish, an extremely talented photographer that has very quickly also become on of my favorite human beings.

For the day I decided to wear this beautiful light weight dress from Angl. Unfortunately I couldn’t find it online for you but I did go ahead and link a similar one for you. The bright blue instantly caught my eye, I strapped on some nude colored sandals because I knew Id be walking all day, my black cross body, and delicate gold jewelry from H&M.

Thank you so much for stopping by to read todays post, as always I appreciate YOU!


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