To the girl that never wears pink..

Hola Hola!

How we all doing today? Lets see, today is Wednesday which means I am having a jam packed day with classes. (8:30am-6pm) *cries just a little bit. It’s okay though because Im giving myself a break between classes to come sit in the cafeteria, eat some pasta I made Bry and I last night, and post this. Theres nothing more exciting then sitting here writing to you, seriously. I get all jittery (maybe because i had too much coffee) and smiley hehe.

Anywho, I had the pleasure on Sunday to not only meet but shoot with the very talented Miss Stefanie. This is why I love social media, because without it how would we meet such creative souls? I found her page on my explore page and figured Id ask if shed want to collaborate and immediately we set a date a went out to see what we can come up with.

(My talking face in the middle of telling Stefanie how Bryan and I met hahah) 

We went out to Old Town Calabasas, I had never been and I know for a fact Ill go back to show you guys around, this time we were there for outfit shots.

So this look is most definitely different for me. I stepped out of my comfort zone, which was one of my New Years resolutions. Funny story behind this outfit was I was at work the other day and someone had brought this furry pink coat over, and my coworker looks at me and says “Lex, you NEED this” keep in mind I’m standing there in my adidas, leather jacket and all black outfit yet there it was a furry pink coat and for some reason…I agreed. I needed it! Tried it on, and yup I knew it was coming home with me. 

Now yes as someone who loves black I could of easily done an all black outfit with a pop of pink but I decided to go deeper out of my box haha. So i grabbed this band tee that had pink and my pink ray bans. Then to balance everything out I grabbed my high waisted top shop jeans and these black booties I’m obsessing over!!

The day was so windy, so I grabbed a scrunch in my car and threw my hair up in a bun to keep out of my face. So there you have it friends, the girl that never wears pink took over Old Town Calabasas with her pink sunnies, pink coat, and pink tee. 😉 hahaha

Don’t be afraid to step out of your box, it can be quit fun I must admit!

Let me know what you think?


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I am so sad to announce that the pink cardi coat is no longer on Nordstrom.Com even though i just got it last week. They only have it in cream :/ but i did attach a similar one I liked! <3

Fur Coat | Similar Coat | Tee Shirt | Pants | Boots | Sunnies

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