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As a female college student, I understand the struggle of trying to be on top of the fashion trends but at the same time sticking to our weekly shopping budgets. Realistically I can’t go out and buy the newest Celine’ sunglasses, those Manolo’s that make my heart skip a beat, or that beautiful Chanel bag I have been eyeing. As badly as I want to, it’s just not possible right now. In the beginning of my blogging days, I must admit that is how I shopped. With no limitations, I would buy the latest trends, then go home and regret it, knowing that it was not in my price range. The more that time passed, I learned how to shop wisely. So that is why I am always on the lookout for brands that have clothes that are in fashion news, but still at amazing prices. One of my favorite go-to brands that I have been loving lately is Tobi. Tobi is based in California, and is very obvious with it’s clothing based on the carefree styles they choose. Every piece is made for the everyday woman wanting to feel sexy, comfortable and confident. If you’re in need for an outfit, for a hot date, girls lunch date, or an everyday beach trip this brand is for you. When this top was sent to me in collaboration with them, I nearly squealed in happiness. A crop top, off shoulder with lace detail all in one?! What else does a lady want for the perfect go-to summer top? Especially living in California, when our summer days could get up to 105 degrees, which is exactly how hot it was this day. I knew I was going to be out in Newport beach, so I paired this top with my black high-waisted shorts, black sandals and my favorite black hat. It was the perfect outfit for a day full of exploring, shopping and yet trying to stay as cool as possible. I’ll go ahead and link the top below, which by the way is available right now for $14! WHAT A STEAL!! the shorts and sandals are from a few months back but as always I’ll go ahead and link some similar finds I found for you.

Have a beautiful day friends.

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