5 fun facts & 1 new friend

I need to find myself some more farmers markets! Thats what I decided! Last Sunday I met up with my new friend @jessveephotography and we stumbled upon the Studio City farmers market on Ventura. It was so much fun, and so alive! So many people eating, drinking, socializing & overall meeting one another! It was really cool, and excites me to start exploring new ones around me! Don’t worry Ill make sure to keep you up to dat on where I’m at & what Im wearing. 😉  

(Ohhh Im singing in the rainnn….Im singingggg in….just kidding hehe)

Recently I’ve been lucky enough with meeting new friends on my instagram, meeting all of you has been inspiring so much in the best way possible! It really excites me to start getting creative in showing you what I wear on a daily basis. I also wanted to take this post to introduce 5 quick & easy, fun facts.

The first one being;

  1. This photo below was the first day that I tried this very famous matcha. Being in a new city, I wanted to be cool and order a drink I’ve never tasted. My verdict….Ill stick to espresso. Hahah

2) If were talking sweets or salty I will forever choose salty. Chips are my food weakness 100%, please don’t put hot Cheetos or Doritos in front of me because I will eat them all! haha

3) I majored in Social Media thinking that I wanted to get a career in expanding social media for other companies, until recently Ive realized I truly just want to spend my time expanding my own. My passion to eventually turn my personal website & brand into a business has been getting stronger and stronger recently! I just want to follow the dream, you feel?

(ps, obvs I had to finish it since it was a $5 drink)

4. Working out has always been a struggle for me. But I’ve noticed that I’m truly not comfortable in my own skin lately, it may not be about how I look on the outside but its the way I feel on the inside. So this is the first eek that Im beginning to workout and I really want to share my journey with you all in hopes that we can do it together. What do you think would you be interested?

5. To the photo below, “When you say you don’t really like gossip but then you hear your coworkers in the corner & you’re like…” hahaha just kidding! The only gossip I like is on t.v. or pop culture. Im a sucker for Real Housewives & as much as I hate to admit it I find myself googling to find out what the crazy Kardashians are up to. Oh man but my favorite is celebrity marriages, keeping up with who with who and if Brad & Jennifer will rekindle once again. OMG IMAGINE?! *fingers crossed


haha that was fun. Thanks for coming on by & supporting your girl. I really appreciate it.

xox, Alexis Alcala Signature