Same dress, 2 different looks..& a little about my job.

Happy Monday my beauties!!!

I know what you may be thinking…hold up Lex, Ive seen this dress before. And the answer is you’re right! Ive worn it on here before, the post is right here if you’re interested. First time I saw this dress I figured it would be a great dress for work! In case you didn’t know I work at Nordstrom, that explains why Im always linking their products, I just love my store! Im currently the social media manager for my store, and I also assist all of out stylists on our team. Not gonna lie, Im blessed because I truly do lovely job. This position has pushed my creativity juices, has inspired me and changed my mentality on the way I shop. I talked about my new shopping mentality in my previous post linked here if you missed it.

So when I wore it to work, I kept it pretty simple, some nude heels and easy earrings to keep it professional. However I saw it the other day and Im in such a mood for summer time that I wanted to style it for my beach trip I was taking this day! I grabbed my straw hat, and brown sandals and I was feeling some Dorothy vibes so I went with some pigtails! First post since 2015 that Im wearing my hair like this. This is a big deal. haha. Kind of inspired to play more with my hair now too!

Its very important to me to show you ways to get creative with your wardrobe, and to work with what you have! I want to inspire you all & save you all money!

Also, Im low key realizing Im a little obsessed with stripes haha! But only vertical stripes 😉

I went out to shoot some looks this day and all three of my outfits had stripes! haha I thought it was so funny! So I hunted down a few of my favorite striped dresses, and other spring/ summertime dresses that are all under $20 and that will truly be a great add-on to your wardrobe. Pick your favorite, and pick the one that you see yourself wearing more often! The one I’m wearing is still available too! WooHoo!


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