Chasing the Snow


So this post is a little bit different than my usual ones. This post is to tell you that….I SAW SNOW!! In my 22 years of living I don’t remember ever seeing any snow other than in movies. I’ve always dreamed about seeing it, but never had the chance to. Finally yesterday, my friend told me we were going to the mountains. Technically we live about an hour away from the San Bernardino mountains where we can usually find a bit of snow, however on this day we had a few obstacles to over come! First obstacle was the traffic! Goodness, it seemed that everyone had the same idea that we had about doing a one day trip. It took us about 2 hours before we started seeing patches of snow on the ground, first sighting was Running Springs. (The second picture shown) This was the area you started to see the gorgeous pine trees, a bit of snow and you started feeling the 30 degree weather sneak in through your coat. We wanted more snow! Next stop was Snow Valley! (Third picture shown) After three hours, there it was mountains covered in clean white snow!! I can’t explain the excitememnt I felt! Here we stopped for a few hours to grab something to eat, watch all the snow boarders, ( next visit I’m going to attempt to learn! ) and have a few snow ball fights. What else could a lady ask for? Hot cocoa, 20 degree weather, and great company. Still my friend wanted me to see just one more thing, an adorable little town called Big Bear. Cabins, cottages, cozy restaurants and…AHA a brewery! There we stopped to have a yummy brew and enjoy these last few hours before heading home. I must admit, if i would of known jut how much fun i would have, i would have made arrangements to stay up here. However, having work the next day i had to say goodbye to this little town. And that concludes probably the best adventure date i’ve ever had, hope you enjoyed reading about it! Also, you’re probably wondering why i don’t have more pictures! Well, on my way up there my phone died, and my charger burnt out, so i didn’t get many. Ugh! SO FRUSTRATING!! Its okay though, because i will be back up there very soon with a extra charged phone, and camera! Believe me!


XOX, Alexis Alcala Signature

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  1. Karina Casillas
    December 29, 2014 / 8:05 PM

    I remember seeing snow when I was younger, it would be nice to go again! So nice that you had a great time! Happy New Year babe!

    Love, Karina

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