Is this real life? Yosemite

This posts title says it all. My feelings the entire day all wrapped up in one question. Let me back up and start from the beginning. So a few weeks ago the question if I would like to do a road trip came up and my initial reaction was HELL YES. (you never have to ask me if I’m down, i will always say yes)

Now to choose where we should go, hmm. I suggested all along the coast of Cali till we hit Oregon, but that was too much for a weekend so instead we decided to hit 4 places we really wanted to see and just “go with the flow” or “live in the moment, and see where the wind takes us”. Done Deal. First stop we did, Yosemite. Neither one of us had ever been there so into the car we go, and at 4am we were off. We didn’t get into the park until about 1pm. We were driving through “oohhhhhing, and ahhhhing,” at all the tall trees, and beautiful cliffs, when we hit a tunnel. Neither one of us had studied this place, or known any of the “spots”to hit but apparently this was a big spot, they call the tunnel view. I kid you not, driving out of the tunnel… took my breath away. I felt like my heart just stopped beating for a quick second. I reached over to hold his hand and just thought “is this real?!” I mean the pictures i took do not do any justice at all!!! We got out of the car and just stood there in silence….


Please excuse this cheesy pose. Like seriously what am I even doing? I was delusional from the sleep and probably hungry…hahahYosemite-201610

Anyways, after that we continued on the road. You see, we had 24 hours in each spot we were stopping at. So we needed to absorb this magical place all in a day, if I would’ve known just how majestic it was we would’ve stayed here the entire time. So we drove on, and just when I thought it couldn’t get better, mother nature laughed at me and showed me the water falls. OH MY LANTA. Again, my photos are a joke compared to it’s beauty in real life, but I was in awe. Yosemite-20165 Yosemite-20164 Yosemite-20163Yosemite-201613 Yosemite-201612

After a little hiking, some photos, and just staring at a ll this beauty….our tummies rumbled and reminded us we hadn’t eaten all day!!! Ya that’s how gorgeous this all was, that me Alexis Alcala forgot to eat, and that my friends, never happens. So we stopped at this little shop we found grabbed a bag of chips, a guacamole that was 50% off and a sandwich. Demolished that as you can imagine, and then came the food coma and sleepiness. By this time it was around 6pm, getting dark and we were getting sleepy, but we weren’t done exploring so we grabbed blankets and knocked out in the car.We woke form the frigid cold, it may not look it but it was. Then, back out we went…Yosemite-201611Yosemite-20167

by 7pm, it was getting too dark to see anything, so as sad as we were, we had to say goodbye. Took in one last deep breath of this fresh air, one last second to listen to the waterfalls crashing on the rocks, and one last look up into the red wood trees and the sky crystalized with the stars. Thank you Yosemite, and goodbye. Onto, Day 2…


xox, Alexis Alcala Signature

PS on long road trips, good music is a MUST, especially for me. Take a listen to this jam that I can’t stop listening too. “Kiara-Bonobo” Bucket-list to see that performance in person right?!

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