Malibu Afternoon

Good Morning Lovelies, Malibu Ca has always been such a wonderful place in my opinion, and now I’m lucky enough to be living 20 min away. On Wednesday I was sitting in my morning class thinking…that’s it, i need to go to the beach today. Although, sometimes going alone is nice to relax, one of my longest friends Tiffany came to mind and so I decided to send her a text and ask her if she would like to spontaneously come with me, and sure enough she said “YES Ill be right over!” So onward we went on our little adventure;

We arrived at Malibu Farm, I had seen this location though friends on Instagram and always have been meaning to go, and the moment I arrived I was in love! If you’re ever in the area or you are able to go for just a day, I highly recommend it! The perfect little white cottage like cafe overlooking the ocean made my heart pitter patter. Since it was the middle of the week it was pretty much just us two and we got front row seats to the view of the ocean,

We ordered ourselves some spicy margaritas, and shared probably the most delicious nachos ever ( and trust me I eat nachos a lot but these were mmm mmm mmm!!) 

This girl and I have been friends for 16 years, she is a rare soul who brings happiness into your life the instant you start talking to her. So for the next two hours we caught up on life, our relationships, future endeavors and probably laughed way too loudly but hey, what are two gal pals to do? hehee  Right before the sun was setting we went ahead and took a walk on the pier, it was getting super windy so I traded in my leather jacket for my camel coat.

After a beautiful afternoon, we went back to my place to hang out with my doggy and play Mario Kart. And that my friends was how I spent my Wednesday afternoon. (I wish they were all like this 😉 )

As always thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you.

Until next time,

xox Alexis Alcala Signature


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