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Hope you are having a great week! Im struggling getting back into the groove of things after a 4 day Labor Day weekend. It was amazing, I got some much needed down time and relaxing as well as some time to shoot some looks for you which always comes before rest 😉

I really wanted to share this top with you because it’s just so cool!! HAHA I work right next to a Zara which is probably one of the most dangerous parts about my job. But, I was going to lunch the other day and I thought to myself “okay let me go look, but just the sale.” Of course that didn’t happen, I saw this top hanging there, tried it on and voila it was mine.

Now I don’t know if you’ve heard but were having a heat wave here in Los Angeles, and I live on the outskirts referred to as The Valley aka the desert which means were at 105 degrees almost everyday. Its ridiculous!! So a long sleeve may seem like a stupid idea to others but Im making it work with the fact that it’s mesh. On this day I went with wearing it with only my lace bralette underneath, paired with my jean shorts, and black booties.

These sunnies I found them at work on sale and although at first I thought they were a little silly, I wanted to give them a try. After all, they’re on sale so why not? ( I need to stop telling myself this excuse haha ) Ive also recently realized that the bigger the sunnies, and the rounder the better! I have a big face/head….no seriously…people have actually told me this and so although I’d love to sport those small frame sunnies they just don’t go with me. But these were perfect and just added that “fun” touch to my outfit.

It was a no brainer to add my hat. I’ve been reaching for it more than normal, but the old school feel is just to great to resist.

Don’t judge me for my slight under cheek peeking out. I didn’t even realize until I saw the photos! Next time I’ll pull them down a bit, sorry mama! hehe

I wanted the denim to flow nicely with this top, especially since I was going to tuck it in, I recently bought this one that I also want to buy in the camel color! Its a perfect classic belt, I bought a higher priced, better quality one because I know I’ll keep it and use it for quite a while.

Im a little mad at myself for not catching some shots of my shoes on these pictures but luckily the last one with my second outfit shows them pretty well! Personally mine are by the brand Halogen, and I got them at Nordstrom Rack but to be honest, and I always am they hurtttttt! I mean painful! Its too bad because they were still quite pricey. I did however find some that I linked below that I found that look exactly like these and the reviews say are super comfy! So go for those instead 😉

My second way of wearing it is right below. The bottom photo was me the day I bought this top! I raced home on lunch and changed just so I could wear it. (Im totally not joking, and am proving how ridiculous I can be hahah) Anyways, I was working so I wore it with black denim, a tank top underneath and my hair in pig tails. The top photos are the out of work look… so to say haha 😉

Now, for some sad news…this top is sold out. I know!!!! I only bought it like a week ago but I searched all over the website and can not find it. I did however link a similar one that Im hoping you’ll love as well, and went ahead and linked everything else.

Phew, this was a bit longer of a post but I hope you enjoyed it. I’m working on changing some things on here and my Instagram such as more organization, consistency and natural colored photos so if you notice the difference let me know what you think and as always…I appreciate you stopping by. Truly <3


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