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hey yall! como están? i hope the month of July has been treating you all amazing, and that y’all are enjoying this warm weather. (meanwhile I’m waiting for the cold weather. haha)

I felt really inspired to write to you all today, I’m 5 days away form my birthday and I’ve been doing a lot of self reflection. 24 years of life, and may i say it’s been a good one, no complaints here. Actually none of us should complain for living yet another year. Any who, I’m not saying that July is my favorite month because it’s my birthday, its actually my favorite month because its when i really sit down and start to evaluate everything thats happened the last year. May accomplishments, my let downs, what could i improve on? Did i complete the goals I set last year? etc. I usually have these sit downs with myself about once a month but the one in July is the most intense haha. I have more goals for myself this year then ever before. I graduate this year (finally), I hope to get a promotion at my job, and by golly I hope I can make my Ireland trip happen. Actually let me change that sentence and say, I can’t wait to achieve them. I encourage you all to set some goals monthly, I know personally it’s made such a change in my life, for the better.

I wore this outfit the other morning, it is 100 degrees here during the day so hence when i say morning because after shooting i stripped into some shorts. haha. Its such a struggle when you crave an all black outfit, including my leather jacket in the summer time and yes i know maybe this isn’t a “summer outfit” but i loved how the photos came out and i hope you do too.

I promise my next one will be more “summery” lol.

xox, Alexis Alcala Signature


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