need to feel sexy?

Every woman out there has the desire to feel sexy at some point, if not all the time! I know I do. However what if we don’t feel like wearing a short dress, or some tight fitting jeans, well guess what you don’t have to. Thats what I absolutely loved about this jumper is that it’s not overly tight fitting, the bottoms are actually loose, however the second I put on this jumpsuit I felt sexy, and as soon as I put on heels I was ready to take on the night, as Im sure you will too. WhiteTobiJumpsuit1

WhiteTobiJumpsuit2 WhiteTobiJumpsuit3 WhiteTobiJumpsuit4 WhiteTobiJumpsuit5 WhiteTobiJumpsuit6

As I was looking back at the pictures we had taken I was already thinking about how differently I’m going to wear this in the fall and winter! Thats the beauty about jumpers, they’re so versatile. I was surprised to find out that it fit me like a glove! Im usually extremely self conscience of strapless pieces, but this one really did make me feel a certain kind of way 😉

For more night out ideas, whether you want to feel sexy and sultry, or you need a dress for work check out these cocktail dresses, or a body tight/ midi dress, and hey, even if you have a special event like I know some of you ladies may have some school dances coming soon, my personal favorites were always sequin dresses. Whatever you may choose remember, you have to LOVE what is on your body, because that confidence will show and you will look even more beautiful. <3

xox, Alexis Alcala Signature


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