Chasing the Fall

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Yesterday, was a fairytale straight out of a cinema. That’s the only way I can explain it. There’s this certain kind of magic that happens, when you pack up for a day, grab some snacks, some ipa’s and just drive. Also, I’ve written before Mondays are those days for me. I go to school, I work but on Mondays I put that day aside for me. Some days I spend it pretty local, other days if I’ve had a rough week I try my best to get away. I envy those who live in towns where they get to experience all 4 seasons, I wish so badly I could but until the day comes where I can move to the PNW, I will make it work. A little less then a year ago I was introduced to these different locations in the San Bernardino mountains. As corny as it may sound it was love at first sight and throughout the year I have been taking countless trips here. You may think, isn’t it boring going to the same place over and over? The answer is no, absolutely not. Each time I come, I experience a different area I didn’t see the last time. These mountains are huge! There are so many little towns and I fall in love with it more and more each time. So yesterday we went again. We got to the top of the mountains in an area called, Green Valley Lake, and as soon as we got out of the car the blustering winds warned it was going to be a cold one. (To a California girl it was cold, okay? haha) It reached low 40’s, we had some sprinkling rain, fog was so low we could touch it, the leaves were turning orange and the town was so quiet I felt I had to whisper. I think we saw a total of 8 locals in the 4 hours we were adventuring through the woods, lake and town. I always feel like I can breathe when I’m out here, sometimes in the city, and chaos of life we get so stressed, and wrapped up in things that are truly NOT important. When I was younger, I was so set that I wanted to live in the big city and don’t get me wrong some city nights are always a blast however, I’m starting to understand what truly makes my soul happy. I think the simplistic lifestyle that exists out here is what I’m in love with, because that’s how I live my life. I don’t need a lot of people in my life, and I don’t need a lot of materialistic things. Personally, that is not my happiness and theres nothing wrong with that.

ps that ipa I’m holding on the bottom picture is a new one I tried its called goose ipa. So yummy! highly recommend! Definitely helped by keeping me warm 😉


As for what Im wearing, I never trust google weather, lets be honest mother nature has a mind of her own, google told me it’d be 50 degrees up in the mountains. However I prepared myself with extra layers and I sure am glad I did! For the day I wore some comfy Gap jeans, a long sleeve and red flannel form Urban Outfitters, and my army green jacket from American Eagle. My booties? Take a guess….yup you’re correct, Steve Madden (what else do I have in my closet, lets be honest? haha). Beanie and scarf are both from Forever 21. None of these items I wore are brand new, however as always, I gotchuuuu ladies. Below are similar items linked for ya!


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