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Happy December friends! Can you believe this is it? Were at the final chapter of our year, one more month and it’s a wrap and onto a fresh new year. Okay, hold on Lex don’t get ahead of yourself, lets enjoy every second we can of 2015. So as I told you on the previous post, I fell a little bitt into the tradition of shopping after Thanksgiving. I usually don’t participate, I am not a fan of the crowds, of the traffic and of spending money that I don’t have. ( who hears me on that one?! ) However on the last day of November I was walking around my shopping center and I stumbled upon some deals that I truly couldn’t say no to. The first one being, Old Navy. First of all I haven’t been into an Old Navy in YEARS! But they had my favorite words outside their window, “SALE, 50% OFF EVERYTHING.” Well I’d be plain stupid if I didn’t go in. There, I found some skinny black denim with light tears on the knees, and low cut. I have been looking all over for denim like these but my body shape is a bit of a struggle, so when I tried these on and they slid on like a glove, I squealed of happiness. You ready to hear the price I paid? $20! (And the crowd goes wilddddd) Next stop, Charlotte Russe. Inside I saw they were having all sweater for $20 and shoes were buy 1 get the other one for $10! I took advantage of both these sale promotions. I have been looking for a tribal like cardigan and this one was so warm and cuddly that I knew it was coming home with me, as well as two boots. Pretty darn successful shopping trip if you ask me.

Linked below are the exact items for you.

As always, thank you for stopping by. In just a few days I’ll have up my Joshua Tree Trip for you so come back soon okay?

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