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Hola Amigos! Como están? How are you? Hopefully NOTHING SHORT OF FANTASTIC! So I’ve been meaning to talk about something with you, I’ve mentioned a few spots where I go shopping, or how you know that 90% of the time, I go straight to the sale rack then move my way up to the front. I only pay full price for two reasons, I absolutely adore something, or I waited till the day before to go shopping for an event and have no choice but to grab something from wherever it may be. Procrastinator is my middle name, but I’ll save that story for another day LOL. Any who, so another huge place I do my shopping is an app called poshmark. Have you heard of it? Well the reason I bring it up now is because this denim skirt ($10), this three – layered necklace ($11) and these sunnies ($5) were all bought on there! All of them brand new, never worn items. In fact, the sunnies and necklace were in original box both brand names! Juicy Couture, and Wolf Noir Sun. I understand that thrifting is a trend that is arising, and for good reason, in fact one of my favorite blogger babes to follow “fiercelythriftin” has inspired me to keep my outfit fabulous, yet on a budget. Truly, you would never know that her outfits are thrifted. She somehow is able to put together inspiring outfits, that just makes you want to go out and shop smart! Ugh I adore her. I have tried, Ive been to several thrift shops and tried, but here is my problem; I am so impatient when I walk into a thrift store. Ive tried but Im just like “ahhh where is the cute stuff!” So with this app, ladies are allowed to post items that just wasn’t for them but that are in new condition. I am obsessed. First thing in the morning, I grab a cup of joe and cuddle back into bed to see what finds I see. Theres a link at the top of my page that says “shop my closet” and that’ll lead you to the site. Let me know what you think of it! Or if you know of any OC/LA thrift shops that you think I’d like list them below as well.

Other then that, I was trying to think of what else is new in the life of Lex, I think the biggest change that is going on right now is that I have decided to drop out of community college, and attempt to get into one of my dream schools, FIDM. I have been so scared for so long to fully pursue my passion for fashion and writing, yet here I am almost once a week encouraging you, and everyone around me to go for their dreams. It just seemed right, I am at a very important crossroads in my life. I am excited, I’m nervous, but I keep telling myself that if it’s meant to be it’ll happen. Isn’t that right? All we can do is try, and enter each situation whole heartedly. As always, I’ll keep you posted on what happens. Have a beautiful day! And remember, I believe in you! Do your thing!



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