My Mini Vacation



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We are all guilty of getting comfortable in our daily routine and before we know it we are doing the same thing everyday for a few weeks, maybe a few months straight. I know, I tend to do that at times. My routine is being a full time college student, full time worker, and now a full time blogger. Those are my three priorities at the moment, and although it is a great thing to have your life prioritized, i feel that it’s extremely important and a must, to take at least 2 days out of the month to do absolutely none of your daily rituals and go out and enjoy life. Honestly, that is something that i need in order to keep sane. This weekend, that is exactly what i did. My cousin from out of town told me she was coming to California to visit me, and i found it a good time to tell my busy life to pause for just three days and away her and i went, to embark on our mini getaway. Our first stop was San Diego, SD is about an hour and half away from me yet when I’m out there i feel like I’m truly in paradise. Bright and early, we hit the adorable Old Town, San Diego. If you haven’t yet been there, and you’re a fan of history, live music and vintage shopping then this town is a must stop for you! After drinking a jug of margarita and sharing probably the most delicious chicken nachos, we hit the beach for some napping, tanning, and swimming. What more can i possibly ask for?


xoxo, Alexis Alcala Signature