Saturday Morning Vibes



Hello friends! How was your weekend? It was FANTASTIC for me! Possibly one of the best weekends i’ve had in a good while. Working full time, and being a student full time, I always get asked by friends “When do you have the time to go out and do everything you do?” The truth is, I just somehow make time. For example If work Saturday nights I make sure that I go out and enjoy my morning, whether that be go to a new coffee shop, a famers market, a workout at the beach etc. If i work Sunday morning, i spend that afternoon catching up on my studies. I can’t express enough how important it is to make time for YOU. We must enjoy our lives and not get caught up in the normality. We don’t know how long this road of life will go, life is too short and I am determined to create memories, eat lots of food, drink lots of coffee, laugh hysterically, and enjoy the company of those around me. No excuses my friends, if I can do it, so can you. Now, these pictures are from my Saturday morning adventure. I went out early in the morning to Laguna Beach to go check out this farmers market that I have been wanting to check out, and wanted to share with you all. I got there and spotted it, then went to go meet up with my friend who was joining me and by the time we walked back towards it, it was over!! NOOOO!! (*sheds tear) Such a bummer! However, I was not going to let this ruin my beautiful morning, we decided to go walk around and do one of my favorite hobbies. No, not shopping but searching for cool walls! I know you may think I’m silly but I’m a sucker for them! For the following hour, we chit chatted, enjoyed the beach breeze, and ventured around. Afterwards, I met up with the little brother and got some lunch, before I had to head to work. Does it get any better? I think not. Next time though i will show you all the farmers market I was talking about, I really want to start incorporating more activities like that into the site, for you all to enjoy, read about and possibly go check it out yourself!

The weekend was a little gloomy here in Southern California, it was a bit rainy and cloudy. This gorgeous cardigan is from Abercrombie, believe it or not i found it in the sale rack for $10!! WHAT!? I nearly skipped out of there filled with happiness. I love a good deal! Paired with my American Apparel tank, black skinnies, and Steve Madden booties. The outfit is comfortable, chic, edgy and none of the items were expensive. Its a win, win situation.

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate more then you know! Have a wonderful week, make it an amazing one!

xox, Alexis Alcala Signature