September in NYC

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Hi guys! How are ya?! How was your weekend? My week has been spectacular to say the least! I went to NYC! Wednesday evening I received an email saying that I was invited to a special shoot with Motorola. (Pictures of the event will be up in the next post) I stared at my laptop for about 10 minutes, debating…..something in me was telling me to go. It’s not easy for me to just get up and go across country. Im a college student still, I have bills, I have work, but I knew I needed to make this happen. I texted my boyfriend, and after a confirmation from him saying he’d join me, we bought our tickets. Less then 12 hours later, we were on a plane flying to the big apple. No set plans, no exact destination, not even a hotel booked! Looking back, I just giggle of happiness. Never thought I’d meet someone who loves adventure and spontaneity as much as I do. I feel extremely thankful for being able to experience such a great trip.

This dress was one of the first things I packed, it is one of my favorites! It’s very lightweight and comfortable for a lot of walking around the warm city. I paired it with a skinny black belt, and some comfortable sandals. As for that stud at the bottom that’s my wonderful Weston, who has been kind enough to take all my pictures <3 🙂


Shirt Dress | Belt | Sandals