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Hi ya’ll!! Okay, so not to be dramatic but this is one of those posts that gives me the same kind of nerves I get before getting onto that horrible rollercoaster at Six Flags. hahah. Im nervous because I didn’t want to half ass this post. Meaning if I was going to write this Im going all in and keeping it real, and raw with you you know?! So lets get this started, were now in the first week of 2018 and I don’t remember the last time Ive felt this much excitement to just GO! 2017 was by far the shittiest year I have ever experienced. Looking back I feel this dark cloud over the lives of not only myself but those I love and adore. This year however it truly felt different…and when I say different let me tell you why I say that. This last year I moved out from my mama’s nest and took off to L.A to follow a job opportunity, and truly to just take a leap of faith and experience a change. As a lot of you may know, once you go full on independent financially we all struggle and adjusting to any big changes take a while to get used to as well. Throughout the year though, it seemed like every time something went really well, things would turn bad and at some point I personally felt that I hit rock bottom. I slowly realized why my life seemed so dark, my personal honest truth was I was missing God in my life. I had always had an on and off relationship with Him but this time I knew I wanted that relationship to always be on! With time, I started to feel alive again, I noticed I would have more positive days, I overcame any hiccups a lot more smoothly. Why? Because I learned that no matter what Im going through, I will never again be alone, I will always have God right next to me.

  1. So going into this new year, it’s safe to say one of the most important things I want to work on throughout 2018 is my relationship with Jesus. Reaching out to him in my darkest hour was the best thing Ive ever done for myself. With him I have been able to forgive those who have hurt me, and with him I have started to see changes in myself. Changes that I personally didn’t think Id be able to change, and yet here we are. Slowly but surely becoming the woman Ive always wanted to be.

2. Falling in love sounds so easy, yet loving ourselves is such a challenge at times. Now, I know it seems that everyone has “I want to get in good shape” on their list in January but I want to go beyond that. I want to fall in love with working out, and I want to fall in love with my body. I no longer want to see the gym as a “UGH” moment but I want to be excited to go again!  So to help me do this I decided I want to share my workout journey with you as well. I want to show you the real me this year and I believe this will give you a better insight into my every day life.

3. Hand in hand with that comes my goal for this blog and website of mine. I have had its for almost 5 years y’all. I mean that’s no joke, I have however been beyond inconsistent with it and I know that! It sometimes infuriates me because I start thinking how far I would be if I would’ve stayed consistent…but what good does that do? Life was busy, it got in the way and that’s that. I don’t get upset at myself anymore because when I go back and read what I wrote, or look at myself in the many photos I have taken I realize that in some of the photos I look like I’m trying to be perfect. WHY? Who am I trying to be perfect for? And why am I trying to be perfect when instead I could be myself? I believe thats why Ive been so inconsistent. If I saw my followers drop, or my likes drop that would make me feel like people didn’t like me, or I wasn’t doing something right. But thats not why Im doing this, and thats when I realized that if I do this for me, and I open up and show myself to others yet they still don’t accept me than thats okay. This was the epiphany that came to me this week and that is why my goal is to bring more real conversations, feelings and advice. There will be no greater reward than realizing that I can be myself and that you will love me still. And for those that don’t…well…tough cookie!

4. GET ORGANIZED. GET ORGANIZED. GET ORGANIZED! Oh did I say I wanted to get organized? Its not that Im messy or sloppy because actually I’m low-key a neat freak. But what I do struggle with sometimes is organizing everything that I need to do, prioritize them and actually get them done. Ive been really good so far on planning out my month ahead of time. Then every morning I go to my agenda and I write down what needs to be done. Utilizing this has helped me with time management and accomplishing tasks! yippee! Lets hope I can continue this planner! Will keep you posted! 🙂

5. Lastly, a goal of mine is to educate those who seek help. For example Ive had lots of friends ask me how I do what I do, how I edit my photos, and how they can do the same. I want you all to be comfortable with asking me any questions, random, or related to whatever topic Im on. Talk to me friends. Lets make this a platform where we can all become besties. Deal?

Okay so that was it my loves, I didn’t want to make it too long but I wanted to share with you my top 5 goals as of right now! I hope you stick around and come and visit my page more! I promise Im working very hard to make this a place you want to visit! Im gonna make y’all and myself proud, promise!



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