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Okay so this will probably be one of my shorter posts but Im actually really excited because Ive been working really hard on learning how to add more to blog for you! You see that slider at the bottom of this post…ya that took me about 4 hours to learn haha but it makes it SO much easier for you all to shop my looks or my favorites! As you may know from following me along, you can count on me wearing some kind of dress pretty often. The truth it, I feel sexiest and more myself in a dress. Im not sure why, it’s just always been my go to! Recently, Ive gotten a lot of you asking me where Im finding these great deals, such as this stripped one I have on below that I scored for $15! So I figured I would do something different and attach a wishlist to my post with dresses Im loving all under….ready? All under $30! *YAY *Crowd goes wild

Ive recently picked up a new job where I need to dress a little more “professional”.  With that being said this has thrown a curveball to the way I shop. Im trying really hard to upkeep my blog with fresh finds but also not max out credit cards, you feel me? So almost everything I buy now I think to myself, “could I wear this to work?”

This dress for example I thought was perfect because I could wear it to work but then easily go out for date night or girls brunch! Its easy, it gives me shape with the tie around the waist and the colors are perfect! I paired them with my wrap around heels also from forever 21. I must admit that these are the first shoes I have ever gotten from there and for the price you just simply can’t go wrong! 

Now, don’t be mad but this exact dress is only available in the black and white combo now! Ugh such a bummer I know, but trust me it’s still super cute and really think you should go home with it. If you don’t like it I also found it in red and white from SheIn. See, I got you 🙂

As for the dresses that I found under $30 for you, I decided to shop on SheIn because a few of you messaged me asking me what I thought about the items I have gotten from there, and if I can be real with you, I am so upset at myself for not finding this website before!! Im not kidding you, the prices are shocking but the pieces are great! I feel so comfortable ordering from them and knowing that Im getting cute things at an amazing affordable price! So go ahead and scan through the 5 that I chose form you and let me know what you think, or if you decide to buy any! Also, any other website you know where we can shop for less, let a sista know 😉

Happy Shopping!

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