Black Friday Goodies

Hi babes!!

Okay, so here we go this is gonna be a short and sweet post! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving where we sit with our closest family & friends and we thank God for giving us the life that he has given us. The day after that…it’s the much anticipated sale day. Now if you’ve been following me for a while you know that a sale for me gives me a happy high ha ha! It’s simply the best way to shop, because it’s so satisfying knowing you didn’t spend your hard earned money in silly ways.

So here we go I split it up into 3 different categories to make it just a little bit easier to shop.


So my shoe choices are a little over $50 but if you’re anything like me, I spend most of my shopping money on shoes because they’re just such a great investment if you’re going to use them all the time and they last us a long time as long as we take care of it.


As for the tops and bottoms I was looking for pieces that I can wear now and even for the seasons coming up so I hope you find some steals that catch your eye!


This was my first post as a wishlist! Did you like it? Sometimes I can sit here and write to you for an hour, but I feel like other times we just need to get right to the point and get to shopping ya feel? 😉

Let me know what you think! Leave me some feedback! If you want to see something different, you want me to keep doing what Im doing, or you just want to be friends let me know below!

As always thank you for dropping by…seriously, appreciate it!

xox, Alexis Alcala Signature