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Hi amigas!

Thank you again for coming on by to visit this gal’s blog! Today was such a whirlwind of a day but a great one without doubt! Im actually running on only 2 cups of coffee from this morning, yet somehow I have all the energy in the world! So many exclamation points, oops haha. But ya, I woke up at 6am this morning and went out to shoot some looks for you with my good friend Taelor, then went to work and now its 7pm and I m sitting down to write this before heading out to the gym and grocery store. Productive days, filled with doing things I love, keep me on a life high, and I realized that that’s the secret. You see, Ive had a rough past few months, if I can be honest. My personal life has just been a rollercoaster and in result so have my emotions, my days and my life. Today however, when I sat down to write this I noticed that my cheeks kind of hurt, they hurt from smiling all day! Haven’t had this happen to me In a while, and the thing is I just found some sort of light in everything that happened today and thats what we need to do each day ya’ll, seriously. Excuse my French right here, but life is just way too fucking short. So much has been happening in our world that is just too depressing to be writing on here but it makes us realize how we truly have no idea when our time to make an impact, is gone. My pastor on Sunday said something to me that truly stuck, he said “someday is no longer promised”. How many things do we have on our “Someday List?” Some of mine? “Someday Ill finally fit in those skinny jeans again.” “Someday Im going to call that person and make amends with them.” Start doing whats on that list ladies. Bottom line of this mini rant, DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! Fuck what others say! This morning I woke up, I put on some fake eyelashes which I haven’t done in foreverrrrr, got myself to a point where I felt confident walking out the door and I killed my day! Thats it folks. I don’t know how I got to this point but clearly I wanted to share those thoughts with someone and that someone is you.

Alexis Alcala in Forever 21 and Brixton Alexis Alcala in Forever 21 and Brixton

Ive seriously had this top in my closet for like 2 years, and I don’t think I’ve ever worn it! How sad huh? Well I love it now and Im so glad I didn’t get rid of it.

Alexis Alcala in Forever 21 and Brixton Alexis Alcala in Forever 21 and Brixton

Ive worn these jeans and shoes several times but I absolutely love them, especially for work! For those of you that don’t know I work with Nordstrom. Im an admin there for our personal stylists and do their social media! So blessed to have a job I truly do enjoy. For work though I need to dress more on the professional side, so it’s truly changed the way I shop because if I can’t wear it to work theres a big chance I won’t wear it. Its all about shopping smart after all right? I got these heels at Nordstrom Rack and I can walk around in them all day which makes my life so much easier. The heel isn’t too high and after breaking them in a bit they’re perfect! These jeans are the “Leigh” in Topshop and I live in them because they’re high waisted (so they suck my tummy in) and they’re nice and form fitting.

Alexis Alcala in Forever 21 and Brixton

Ps Don’t mind my chipped nails, Im getting them done today I promise 😉

Well that’s all for today ladies! Thank you so much for stopping by! Enjoy the items Ive posted below for you!





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