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I have been wanting to do this post for quite a while now, but I never really knew where to start or if I would be understood as to my reasoning behind it. One thing I am careful with is being misunderstood, I always want my heart to be felt behind everything I say. I chose this post because as many of you may or may not know the beach is my home, when I was younger I used to call my friends at 3am, and convince them to sneak out of the house and come to the beach with me. We’d grab some blankets, a journal, a speaker for our jams and hot cup of coffee. I actually haven’t done this in a really long time….I just realized, I miss that. Anyways, that was paradise, no matter what was going on, that would always clear my head and help me think straight. So when I recently went to the beach again, I had really felt those feelings I used to feel when I was younger. It was a part of Laguna I had never been to before, not many people around, and quiet just how I like it. TobiBlackRomper1

TobiBlackRomper2Oh and to add the cherry on top the sun was setting, golden hour always makes my heart swoon… TobiBlackRomper3

So what I really wanted to share with you is, lately Ive been asked quite frequently what nationality I am, I just got a new job in which I meet new people everyday and I get asked the same question on the daily. Of course I always answer, that I am 100% Mexicana, because well its the truth. Now heres the thing, more often then not, I get an “oh…*awkward silence” or “oh really but your too pretty to be mexican”. EXCUSE ME!? I was so offended when I was told this the other day, I instantly got into defense mode, and let that lady know that I was a proud Mexican and that all women, no matter their nationality, shape, or skin tone are gorgeous. Lately on my Instagram, in my everyday life and now in my blog posts, I want to try and incorporate a piece of my culture. Whether that be, a spanish quote, tagging a mexican magazine, and listening to more music that I grew up listening too. I never want to loose sight of my culture and where I came from, but not only that I want to show those around me that no matter what the media, or people of power may say about the mexican culture, it truly is a wonderful, beautiful and rich culture. I hope that those around me, and those who follow my social media platforms embrace this and take it upon themselves to share where you’re from, and where your roots started. I still haven’t figured out how exactly I’m going to share this in a way that ties in with everything else I stand for, but I promise you I’ll figure it out and I hope to make ya’ll proud. TobiBlackRomper4 TobiBlackRomper5 TobiBlackRomper7 TobiBlackRomper6

All this was just to let you know about something that had been on my mind, and in case you’re wondering…”What or why is Lex writing in spanish on her Instagram?” Now you know the reasoning. 🙂

Okay, so now lets get to this STUNNING romper I received c/o TOBI.

Although, it is a bit more on the dressy side, I thought it’d be so fun to show it off at the beach. (Of course I didn’t wet it, nor got it all sandy.) I did however grab my hat and ran around splashing my toesies in the sand. I also plan on dressing this up a bit more next week for a more dress up, night out type of thing so stay tuned and don’t forget to check out Tobi’s website for the latest trends at such amazing prices. It’s just one of the many reason I love them! Refresh your closet with some of these picks, crop tops, maxi dresses, and even body suits. And as a reminder if it’s your first time shopping with them you get 50% off your first order!! Wahhht?!

xox, Alexis Alcala Signature

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