Chasing Twilight

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Alexis Alcala Posing for a Full-Body Photograph in the Middle of a South Coast Plaza, California

A few stories back, I told you about how I spent an entire afternoon chasing the sunset. I reminisced on what a joyful experience it was. That day I was chasing the happiness I was feeling within, just as much as I was the sunset. Well on this afternoon, I was chasing a different feeling….

Proof Eyewear

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Alexis Alcala Posing for a Full-Body Photograph in the Middle of a South Coast Plaza, California

As many of you may have guessed from previous posts, i am a huge fan of sunglasses. I am guilty of at times choosing my outfit around some killer shades. Now, when you combine that with a company who puts fashion for a good cause, then you can count me in! Today’s….


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Alexis Alcala Posing for a Full-Body Photograph in the Middle of a South Coast Plaza, California

Okay, so i know i said i was only going to post once a week, but i just couldn’t help myself! Have you ever had such great news you couldn’t wait to tell somebody? Well that’s exactly how I’m feeling right now! Eshakti is the name! You know when you’re out at the mall shopping, and you find an….

I Lex, vow that this year…

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Alexis Alcala Posing for a Full-Body Photograph in the Middle of a South Coast Plaza, California

It’s a new year. Now what? How will this year be different from all the rest? I don’t want this to be another cliche, “new year, new me” BS kind of post. Truth is i don’t want to be a new me. I’ve worked hard to be where i’m at right now, why would i want to start all over? I don’t think i’ve had a year as monumental as 2014. So much happened, that i truly was scared bringing in 2015. Part of me felt fear approach me, i felt as if i barely got through 2014, could i handle more? Last year i came upon…

Chasing the Snow

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Alexis Alcala in big bear

So this post is a little bit different than my usual ones. This post is to tell you that….I SAW SNOW!! In my 22 years of living I don’t remember ever seeing any snow other than in movies. I’ve always dreamed about seeing it, but never had the chance too. Finally yesterday, my friend told me we were going to the mountains. Technically we live about an hour away from the San Bernardino mountains where we can usually find a bit of snow, however on this day we…


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Alexis Alcala golden hour shoot

We have finally received some rain here in Southern California. YAY! (It only lasted two days, but it’s better than nothing so i will take it!!) As i have said in previous posts, rain for me is the most beautiful weather, i feel such an intense happiness, where i truly can not stop smiling, in contrast to those gloomy days. The chill I get when walking outside, the sound of rain falling outside my window, and the greenery that follows after the rain. All of those things and more are…

Grey on Grey

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Alexis Alcala golden hour shoot

A few weeks ago I saw one of my favorite bloggers, Brooklyn Blonde wear a grey on grey outfit. Now, hers looked nothing like this, but i still thought it was such a smart idea, and i wanted to give it a try with my own spin on it. Who would’ve thought to wear grey on grey? I know i wouldn’t of, but i loved it. These jeans are Zara, grey V-Neck from H&M and my leather jacket from Windsor that i’ve worn on previous posts. Now, I challenge you to try a grey on grey look! I also wanted to talk about something else, the dating life. (Dun, Dun, Dun) I have honestly been…

Christmas Shopping

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Alexis Alcala Posing for a Full-Body Photograph in the Middle of a South Coast Plaza, California

Have any of you started Christmas shopping? This year unfortunately, your girl is going to be shopping on a budget. (Im sorry friends and family haha) One of my favorite malls to do this is South Coast Plaza! Holy Moly! This place is huge!! and they’re so festive, a huge christmas tree in the middle of the mall, a holiday merry go round, and christmas lights everywhere. It just puts you in such a good mood. When i go shopping i like to keep it …

“A beautiful woman”

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Alexis Alcala golden hour shoot

Most days, it’s easy for me to fall asleep. My bed and I have a love relationship unlike no other, it’s comfort allows me to instantly shut my eyes and doze off. However there are some nights, rare i may add, that no matter how comfortable my bed may be, no matter how tired my body may feel, my head just doesn’t allow me to fall asleep. Tonight was one of those nights. There in my bedroom, quiet music playing, a few candles flickering a dim light throughout the room, i reached over for a paper and a pen, and i decided to write. I ended up writing a poem. Writing for me is such a release, it’s a way of putting all my thoughts out on paper, for me to reread the words and truly…


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Alexis Alcala golden hour shoot

Living about an hour away from LA, there’s nothing I love more than going out there with no exact destination, and just see where I end up. That is exactly what i did. My friend and I left at around noonish and adventured around for about 10 hours, yup you read correctly 10 hours. One spot that really caught my attention was the Art District. With it’s distinct color spills on every wall you found, trendy coffee shops & bars, and music playing in every…..